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One of the first tasks you will work on with your Attorney and Paralegal will be the preparation of your Comprehensive Financial Statement.  During a dissolution (divorce) proceeding, "discovery" is required according to local court rules.  Pursuant to DuPage County Local Court Rules, within 30 days of the filing of the Respondent's general appearance or the first responsive pleading in any proceeding for dissolution (divorce) of marriage or legal  separation, each party shall serve upon all parties entitled to notice, a completed "Comprehensive Financial Statement," with all corroborating documents.

A Comprehensive Financial Statement is used to determine both parties' assets, debts, monthly living expenses and any nonmarital property that exists.  A Comprehensive Financial Statement also includes the parties' income from all sources, health insurance coverage and any assets transferred. 

7/9/2012 06:10:06 am

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8/23/2012 05:19:52 am

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2/7/2013 12:47:28 pm

You have given a perfect definition of a comprehensive financial statement. I also had some confusion but after reading your blog post all of the confusions and doubts have been cleared. This is true that this statement is generally used decide both parties' resources, debts, monthly living expenses and any nonmarital property that exists.

4/24/2013 05:18:19 am

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I understand this statement provides financial information about both people.

6/24/2013 07:53:13 pm

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7/20/2013 04:57:49 am

I can tell you that depending on what the monthly installment for the loan.


Divorces are very expensive in my opinion.


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